Luca Esposito Photography (c)

Rome – London – New York – Dubai – Budapest


Luca was born in Rome in 1969 into a family of artists.  Even at a young age, he expressed his creative talent in drawing and music which eventually led to his love for photography.

Well educated, he studied psychology, communication and marketing.  These fields now serve him well as a Photography Consultant, affording him the opportunity to lead entrepreneurial lectures for post-university educational institutions all over Italy as an expert in N.L.P., Strategic Marketing, and Communications.

His professional photography experience, with a strong focus on customer marketing, has led to international recognition.  He has achieved exceptional results in terms of market penetration and visibility.



In 2013, he was commissioned as the Director of Photography in the Ninth Edition of the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy, where he held several seminars relating to the developments in art and photography over recent years.

The City Council of Rome has awarded Luca Esposito professional and cultural awards recognized at both the national as well as international level for his career in photography and art.

The field of luxury and beauty encompasses countless collaborations among various commercial sectors represented by world-class brands.

img_6569Ability to transmit all data even in front of really large audiences is the result of years of teaching with more than 6,000 hours of lesson and training activities on the photography extends from seminars to workshops through clinic who as particular topics.
His expertise is often behind to many business startups such last project of Biostamina and Trulytaly.
In 2016, Luca was nominated Ambassador of Market Brand Development for Pelle di Mare and in November 2016 he received two awards in the city of Dubai for photography on the occasion of the worldwide launch of the brand Biostamina 2017.

In 2017 for Luca arrives the position of Marketing Director and Curator of the Image in the sailing industry with a mandate to manage the Meteor class strategies and management of the 44 th national championship in 2017.